Hicks Oils has the right oil

Venom® is Hicks Oils' line of top tier synthetic lubricants. By utilizing the highest quality additive technology available, Hicks Oils offers the Venom® line of lubricants for the premium performance market. Learn More about Venom® products.

Spinning off from the Venom® product line are Venom® Racing Oils. By utilizing boosted formulations, Hicks Oils designed motor oils specifically for high performance racing applications.

Formula 500® is Hicks Oils' offering designed to meet the most current specifications recommended by equipment manufacturers. Formula 500® motor oils are all formally licensed by the API (and ILSAC when applicable) for meeting current engine performance standards. Formula 500® also offers a complete line of industrial lubricants. Learn More more about Hicks Oils' most popular brand.

Nature's Choice is a line of premium lubricants developed by Hicks Oils that includes the use of re-refined base stocks. While continuing to meet the most current specifications, Nature's Choice products are an excellent choice for the environmentally conscience user. The Nature's Choice line is a primary example of Hicks Oils' continuing commitment to conserving natural resources. Learn More more about the Nature's Choice product line.

Formula 300 is Hicks Oils' mid-tiered product offering. With this line, Hicks Oils strikes a balance between performance and value. As of June 2013, the Formula 300 motor oil line meets the API SL/CD performance specification; making this product an excellent choice for the car that is no longer "brand new", but still deserves a quality lubricant. The Formula 300 family also includes products that are considered obsolete by the original equipment manufacturers. Formula 300 is for the consumer that wants to use lubricants meeting the original specification and not rely on backwards compatibility of specifications. These oils are often hard to find and are considered specialty in today's market. Learn more about the quality of Formula 300.

Collector's Choice and Muscle Car Engine Oil

Older engines require different oil. Before the days of emission control devices, engines were designed for oils with higher concentrations of additives when compared with today's specifications. With Muscle Car and Collector's Choice motor oils, Hicks Oils formulates back to these original requirements with a few extra twists.

Wood Chuck is a premium quality lubricant to used as a bar and chain oil for chain saws. Formulated utilizing high viscosity index base oils and premium tackifier agents, Wood Chuck bar and Chain oil delivers excellent protection over a wide range of temperatures with minimal throw off.


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