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Email : Email us at hicksoils@hicksoils.com and copy your sales representative on it. Fax: Fax your orders to (618) 542-6212.
Venom ®, Nature’s Choice ® and Formula 500® offer complete lines of API licensed and ILSAC approved motor oils.
Hicks Oils offers Nature’s Choice®, which is a line of re-refined oils developed to meet current specifications. The current API SN and CK-4 products contain a minimum of 40% re-refined content.
Yes, using leaders in additive technology, Hicks Oils works to provide specialty lubricants for a variety of markets. The Venom ® product line has synthetic blend racing oils designed for extreme protection and promote engine cleanliness under racing conditions. Collector's Choice and Muscle Car oils are specifically designed for older engines that require more anti-wear protection than current motor oils provide.
Venom® is Hicks Oils' premium line of synthetic oils. Utilizing API group III and PAO group IV base oils, Venom® SN motor oils were developed to handle extremes in operating conditions. Venom ® also produces fully synthetic API GL-5, limited slip capable, 75W-90 and 75W-140 gear oils that provide premium protection and extended drain intervals under severe operating conditions. Formula 500 ® offers a line of fully synthetic motor oils that are formally API licensed for meeting their SN service specification.
Venom®, Nature's Choice® and Formula 500® offer complete lines of API licensed and ILSAC approved motor oils. Hicks Oils also has the ability to license customer specific branding.
Hicks Oils offers a complete line of industrial fluids including AW and R&O hydraulic fluids, and industrial gear oils. Hicks Oils also offers conventional and synthetic options of transmission and driveline fluids.
Formula 300 - A product family of lubricants designed for older service specifications. Currently, Formula 300 motor oils meet the API SL/CD classifications.
Collector's Choice and Muscle Car - Specifically designed for older engines that require more anti-wear protection than current motor oils provide.
SDS and product data sheets are available on this website. Please click here.
Re-refined base oil is produced by collecting used oil and re-processing it through the refinery states. This includes dehydration, defueling, vacuum distillation, and severe hydro-treating. This type of re-refining brings the oil back to like-new quality, while conserving resources. Re-refined base oils have the same quality as and are indistinguishable from virgin base stock.
Hicks Oils works with many of the industry-leading additive development companies. Due to proprietary information, Hicks Oils does not disclose exact formulation details to customers. Check product data sheets for specific product claims.
Hicks Oils offers a full line of lubricants that are approved by the American Petroleum Institute's most current service classification. Also, several products are formally approved by equipment manufacturers for use. Check product data sheets for specifications and always follow manufacturer's recommendations.
For bulk orders, the minimum order requirement is 1500 gallons. For all packaged goods, the minimum order requirement is one pallet of finished product or 240 gallons, whichever is greater.

Standard Pallet Quantities:

  • Standard Quarts: 12 bottles per case, 84 cases per pallet on 40” x 48”
  • Venom Quarts: 12 bottles per case, 80 cases per pallet on 48”x 48”
  • Gallons: 6 bottles per case, 36 cases per pallet on 40” x 48”
  • 2.5 Gallons: 2 bottles per case, 45 cases per pallet on 48” x 48”
  • 5 gallon pail: 36 pails per pallet on 40”x 48”
  • 16 gallon Keg: 9 kegs per pallet on 40” x 48”
  • 55 gallon drum: 4 drums per pallet on 40” x 48”
  • In addition, 275 gallon and 330 gallon totes are available.
Essentially, any container size from 2.6 oz. to a railcar can be filled. Discuss custom package sizing with a sales representative.
8460 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119
Hicks Oils manufacturing address is 845 N. Hickory Rd., DuQuoin, IL 62832. We are located within one-half hour of Interstates 57 and 64.
Hicks Oils has an on-site production laboratory to verify quality of products blended. Technical staff is available for discussion of Hicks Oils' product line.
Hicks Oils strives to exceed the expectations of its customers; however, our standard lead time is 10 business days.
Hicks Oils offers a complete line of branded lubricants; our sales staff is happy to work with customers’ requirements on private labels and specific packaging sizes.
Hicks Oils has contacts with several carriers and can arrange shipping upon request. Hicks Oils accepts customer’s carriers. Please work with our operations department to schedule pick-up times.

Hicks Oils has a brand of lubricant to meet the needs of every customer.

  • Venom® synthetic lubricants is Hicks Oils’ premium line of synthetic lubricants. Venom® synthetic lubricants use advanced state-of-the-art additive technology developed from some of the world’s leaders in lubrication additives to meet the most current quality and performance standards.
  • Nature’s Choice ® is a premium line of lubricants that utilize re-refined base oils to preserve the natural resources of petroleum oil while continuing to meet the most current service specifications required by modern equipment.
  • Collector’s Choice and Muscle Car motor oils are specialty motor oils designed to meet the requirements of collector and muscle cars. Modern emission system technology has limited the amount of ZDDP that can be used in current motor oil formulations. Collector’s Choice and Muscle Car motor oils use higher amounts of performance additive that older cars require.
  • Formula 500® offers a full line of the most current API SN licensed, ILSAC approved, synthetic and conventional motor oils for modern gasoline engines. Formula 500® uses premium quality additive chemistries with synthetic and conventional base oils to provide lubricants that meet today’s most current market specifications.
  • Formula 300 offers quality products for equipment which call for obsolete specifications. Currently, Formula 300 product line meets the API SL/CD service specifications.
  • Formula 100 is a product family that provides economy grade lubricants. Formula 100 offers a lubrication choice in situations where cost is a major concern. Many of Formula 100 oils can be effectively used for general lubrication and when minimal performance characteristics are required.


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