What We Do?

As a manufacturer, Hicks Oils offers a complete line of automotive and industrial lubricants packaged under Hicks Oils' trademarked names. See technical information for expanded product listings. For your customized needs, Hicks Oils has the capability of private label packaging and custom blending products.

Hicks Oils is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of products and services and satisfying applicable requirements. Our goal is to constantly increase our value to the customer by the continual maintenance and improvement of our Quality Management System.

Your Brand, Your Way: Private Label Packaging

Private label packaging allows brand owners to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace. By offering custom packaging options like bottle designs, colors, and sizes, as well as individually customizable labels and cartons, Hicks Oils’ clients find themselves uniquely identifiable. Hicks Oils currently stocks many different packaging options. For consumer use, Hicks Oils stocks several different colors and sizes of packaging ranging from 2.6 ounce bottles to 330 gallon totes. As an example of our selection, 10 different quart bottle options are available in varying colors and styles. For larger commitments, Hicks Oils will package honoring customer designated requirements such as marketer specific packaging components and segregated packaging equipment. Currently, Hicks Oils maintains 6 packaging lines: two designated for quart bottle filling, two designated for drum and 16-gallon keg filling, a line for 2.5 gallon and pail filling, and an 8-head in-line versatile filler for 2.6 oz. to 5-quart bottle filling. Highlighting our filling capabilities is our high-speed quart filling line, where each machine is rated for up to 300 quarts per minute. Speaking to the automation on this line, quality assurance is the only reason human hands have to touch the product. Hicks Oils prides itself on exceeding the expectations of customers. Being a family-owned company, Hicks Oils values customers at every tier of business growth.

Right Lube. Right Application: Custom Blending

Hicks Oils has the ability to custom blend products to customer specific requirements. Working with industry leading additive suppliers, our unique custom products help customers stand out in today’s market. Hicks Oils carries a wide variety of base stocks from API Group I-V, including PAO synthetics and API Group II re-refined stock. The versatility of our base stock selection allows Hicks Oils to make marketing and performance claims that will set your product apart from competitors. Examples of these custom blends include full synthetic racing oils, specialty marine fluids, and premium motorcycle oils. To accommodate older equipment and obsolete manufacturer specifications, Hicks Oils blends lubricants specifically to meet these needs while competitors rely on backwards compatibility. An outstanding example of this is our line of Collector's Choice and Muscle Car Motor Oils.


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