Formula 500

Premium blend for premium performance

Formula 500® is a line of premium lubrication products produced by Hicks Oils. Formula 500 ® uses top quality additive chemistry with synthetic and conventional petroleum base oils to provide lubricants that meet the most current specifications in the market place today. For example, Formula 500 ® provides engine oils that are API licensed for both gasoline and diesel powered engines, highly shear stable automotive API GL-5 gear oils with limited slip capabilities, transmission fluids that are suitable for use in a variety of modern transmissions, and industrial fluids that meet the most current industrial specifications.
Formula 500 ® is continually evolving to include quality lubricants designed and certified for use in equipment calling for the most recent specifications. This concept is continually demonstrated by the ever changing specifications for gasoline and diesel engine oils. Currently, Formula 500 ® offers a full line of the most current API SN PLUS licensed, ILSAC approved, synthetic and conventional motor oils for modern gasoline engines. Likewise, on the diesel side, Formula 500 ® offers API licensed CK-4 10W-30 and 15W-40 motor oils, as well as a licensed 10W-30 FA-4 product.

Summary of Formula 500 Products

The following products are offered in the Formula 500 brand:


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