Our Capabilities

Hicks Oils has the capabilities and capacity.


  • Currently Hicks Oils maintains and operates 6 complete packaging lines. With these packaging lines and several smaller specialized fillers, Hicks Oils has the ability to efficiently fill practically any size container required in the industry. Hicks Oils can handle 6 rail cars on property at a time. Because of this rail siding and 2 covered bulk truck bays, Hicks Oils is also efficient with bulk loading. Putting the whole picture together; Hicks Oils can ship oil in virtually any container between 2.6 oz and 25,000 gallons. That is packaging versatility.
  • Hicks Oils does not only have the ability to package lubricants in many different containers, but also under many different brands. Having our own family of private label products such as Venom®, Nature’s Choice®, Collector's Choice and Muscle Car, Formula 500®, and Formula 300, Hicks Oils undoubtedly has a line of lubricants specifically for your needs and market position. However, Hicks Oils also has the ability to private label any lubricant blended under a customer's proprietary label. Read more about why to choose Hicks Oils for private label packaging.

Hicks Oils maintains the technical ability and provides the support demanded for top tier lubricant blending.

  • Hicks Oils maintains a technical staff containing 2 chemists and a chemical engineer dedicated to meet the quality and innovation required by our customers. In the lubricant industry, specifications are continuously changing with time. Everyone from our technical personnel, manufacturing and maintenance staff, sales personnel, and even upper administration keeps current on trends in their respective field of the industry by being members and active at ILMA, Petroleum Packaging Council, and the STLE.
  • Hicks Oils has an onsite, ever expanding, quality control lab equipped with all the necessities to verify and monitor the quality of product being produced and packaged. A detailed batch retention and testing program is implemented for all products produced by Hicks Oils. This program includes sampling, testing, and documenting: all incoming bulk raw materials, all production blends, and every packaged product. With this amount of quality control, Hicks Oils feels confident in issuing the Hicks 100% product guarantee. The overall quality control system was inspired decades ago while blending and packaging under the scrutiny of a major oil company and is currently being monitored by our ISO program which has been in place and formally certified since 2004.
  • Hicks Oils currently has over 1 million gallons of bulk storage. With this amount of storage and capacity, Hicks Oils has the ability to bring in the specialized fluids demanded by customers. Examples of these fluids include high quality API Group IV PAO and Re-refined base oil. By utilizing unique fluids in blending, Hicks Oils is able to make marketing and performance claims not easily matched by competitors. This gives Hicks Oils' customers the advantage to target specialized markets where less competition often exists.
  • Hicks Oils also has the blending and packaging equipment to fulfill your needs. This is best highlighted by our high speed quart line. On this line, each piece of equipment is rated at speeds of up to 300 quarts a minute. This means more efficient production runs which allows for lower prices and faster turnaround times for customers.


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