Muscle & Collector's Choice Motor Oil

What your classic NEEDS


Muscle and collector car engines face a different set of lubrication challenges than modern engines. Hicks Oils has designed an oil line specifically dedicated to these unique engines. Older model engines were designed to be used with oils that contain higher amounts of antiwear performance additives than are currently allowed in modern engine oils due to new environmental control systems. Hicks Oils' Muscle and Collector's Choice Motor Oils use the amount of performance additives for which these cars were designed. In addition, Muscle and Collector's Choice Motor Oils contain a seal swelling additive to discourage older engine seals from deteriorating and leaking.

Issues Ignored By Modern Oil For Older Engines

Engines have come along way over the last 50+ years, but that is no excuse to ignore the requirements of our older engines. Modern engine oils neglect crucial requirements of older engines:

  • The lower amounts of ZDDP providing anti-wear protection in modern motor oils can lead to excessive and premature engine wear in older engines.
  • Synthetic motor oils are excellent lubricants for modern engine, but can be harmful to older engine seals.
  • The design of modern engines and fuel economy concerns have made a push to thinner viscosity oils. Now, it is often hard to find the recommended 10W-40 or 20W-50 motor oils readily available for classic cars.

Specially Formulated For Your Collector or Muscle Car

Now, there is an oil that has been specifically formulated for these engines. Hicks Oils' Collector's Choice and Muscle Car Motor Oils will help keep older engines running longer and with less wear. Using high quality components with additive technology tailored to older engines and an understanding of the lubrication needs of older cars, we have designed an engine oil just for the collector and muscle car engines.


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